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How to Install Git Desktop Software for your pc?

The software you need to install for all of your git operations is git Desktop. You can select a version depend on your operating system as listed below

This tutorial is based on linux version. No problem if you’re running on windows. Just follow this guide.

First Step is Install the git bash software for your PC. If you’re a ubuntu user just paste this code in the terminal. Any other refer the link above.

sudo apt install git

Then Create an empty project with your own name in the


Next Step is Copy the url of newly created git repository


Open the gitbash (for windows) or open the terminal for linux and type:

mkdir myproject

cd myproject

git init.

git remote <url_here>

git add .

git commit -am “Your_Commit_name”

git pull origin master

git push origin master

Replace the myproject with your own name and your_copied_link_here with your link. Follow these commands line by line. You’ll ask for username and password for 2 times. Then you can add or create new files within this myproject folder and add them directly to the github.

For testing add some file (Some text files) for example.

git add .

git commit -am “Your Commit here”

git pull origin master

Follow above command lines and you can see your codes on the github project page.

Here is the meaning of this Code lines.

git add – organize your new files with git file system

git pull origin master – pull new files from the git repository to your local folder

git commit – this command record your new changes within the code of your files and save them with given name

git push origin master – push your codes from local folder to github repo’s master branch.


Try and feel free to ask questions here.


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